Superare i plateau con il versatile Workbench Power Rack

Superare i plateau con il versatile Workbench Power Rack

Superare i plateau con il versatile Workbench Power Rack – Solo per i più forti 

You have probably already heard the expression “reaching a plateau” in conversations about training. Basically, what happens to the body during a plateau is quite simple. Once the body makes the necessary physical adjustments to handle the workload that you subject it to you, it stops growing. The organism is smart! He has no desire to work harder or consume more fuel than necessary. If you put on “tons” of unnecessary muscles, the body will have to work harder to get the fuel to it. And it will not allow you to do it “work out” for no reason, unless you feel that these extra muscles are needed. What you need to do is “cheat”, forcing your body to need more muscle, which you will only get by subjecting it to greater stress than it can bear. In this way, the body will adapt and swell, as long as it has the right fuel available.
The question you should ask yourself is this: “What must I do to make these improvements necessary?”. The answer is: “Work seriously with weights”. Elastic resistance bands and free-body exercises are excellent, but they will not help you build muscle and get you through the infamous plateaus. The dear, old way to stress the body and put on mass is training with an “old fashioned” resistance. One of the best programs is that based on equipment that allows you to perform all the basic exercises and, at the same time, make you use good loads.
If you want this to happen, take a look at our Power Rack and Utility Bench weights and rocker sets. By combining these two tools and working with the barbell, you will have the necessary equipment to stress all the main muscles of your body. You will be able to use the load necessary to stress your body up to force it to swell. With a Power Rack and a Utility Bench you can do a lot of exercises.


Powertec Power Rack Workbench


The Powertec Power Rack is designed for heavy lifting and is made for the athlete who demands results. It has attacks that make it modular and compatible with other Powertec accessories.
An introduction to the functions of the Power Rack Workbench and to the exercises that can be performed.
You can perform exercises such as:


Lifting of the hanging legs
Rotations of the hanging torso
Tractions at the bar
Horizontal tractions
Extensions of the triceps from the distended
Extensions of the triceps above the head


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